6 Decor Tips From Homepolish’s Co-Founder Noa Santos

by Friday, December 18, 2015

Homepolish’s Co-Founder, Noa Santos wants to help you refresh your space for a New Year and a new you with his New Years Design Resolution tips! From organizing with customized storage, repurposing fashion boxes, framing your schedule as a piece of art to always remind you of where you need to be, how to use your favorite art pieces to spice up your home office to keep motivated, making BOLD choices – maybe a bold patterned rug or wallpaper you never thought of before, how to choose the best lighting, and an artistic intervention with next level design hacks you can’t without in 2016!

Photo courtesy of Homepolish

Photo courtesy of Homepolish.com

1. Organize, organize, organize!

Obviously, with a new year, it’s time to get your life in order! That doesn’t necessarily mean file cabinets and magazine racks. Clean up the clutter in your home, but in ways that are representative of you:

  • Repurposed fashion boxes can hide away papers and photos
  • Or go for the gusto with customized storage options that perfectly fit your space and color scheme.

2. Keep a schedule, but a pretty one…
Instead of plain old paper calendars tacked up to the wall, try framing your schedule in an artistic way. This allows you to write directly onto the glass, while lending a clean-lined look to the room.

3. Take a moment to spruce up your home office…
Many of us work from home at least some of the week nowadays, but the home office can often become an overlooked section of the house. There are several ways around at-home office fatigue:

  • Display some of your favorite art pieces around your desk. It’ll keep you motivated while you’re working.
  • Make room for curated knickknacks in this space.
  • Use small wall shelves to highlight selected pieces.

4. Make BOLD choices!

Graphics are back in a BIG way, whether its wallpapers or paint, but don’t go overboard.

  • Choose selected rooms to incorporate loud patterns.
  • The entryway is a great place to make a statement
  • Or perhaps you’d rather keep the excitement to yourself in the bedroom.
  • Patterns bring new life to almost any room.
  • You can even go for something unexpected.
  • If wall treatments seem extreme, go for patterned rugs or even pillows.

5. Hone in on lighting…
Good lighting makes all the difference to a home, but you have to know what TYPE of lighting to choose for each space.

  • Spotlight on Lighting

6. Bring in art!
Think that art is only meant for fancy collectors and millionaires? Try again. With several artsy design hacks, you too can have an impressive piece of art on your walls

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