Drinking Autumn with a Straw

by Monday, September 29, 2014


With Oktoberfest right around the corner and the holidays knocking on the door as well, summer is officially over and whether we like it or not fall is coming. After the inevitable long nights of imbibing the good stuff, and even longer days of stretching our belts to the point of no return, the season for our livers and stomachs to take a beating at Taste + Scene is upon us. That’s why we’re excited about Coffee Bean’s signature teas and lattes in refreshing new fall flavors to help get through these rough times.

With so much eating and drinking in our future, we’ve made an autumn resolution to stop meekly trying to cure our hangovers with more alcohol or by eating greasy food. We’re no longer going to fight fire with fire and drink a mimosa to cure Sunday headaches. The spicy new pumpkin chai ice blended is our elixir of choice on those days, and really any day of the week in which we need a pick me up.

If something sweet is what you need, then pretend to be James Bond when you order the addictive Butter Pecan latte in either a hot or icy version. I think 007 takes his blended. If all things pumpkin is what you’re jonesing for, don’t fret my drowsy friends, Coffee Bean has the usual seasonal suspects back on the menu as well. The fully customizable line of pumpkin lattes and ice-blended drinks are here for a limited time and when you order a large signature drink they knock a couple bucks off one of their baked goods. That’s super top secret, so you didn’t hear that from us.

Drunk or sober. Hot or cold. This fall, Coffee Bean is where we’re going to be piecing together our weekends, while rejuvenating our minds and giving the rest of our internal organs a much-needed break.

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