Summer Fête: How To Host A Dinner Party

by Monday, August 4, 2014

Hosting dinner parties are unique because for one night only you get to be a host, chef, disc jockey, and bartender. From the delicious cocktail that you greet each guest with to the playlist that will set the beat of the ambiance, for the first-time host there are many factors to consider when it comes to planning a successful dinner soirée. Not only do you need to create what type of party you’re having, but you must evaluate the guest list, plan the menu, and manage to pull off the entire dinner while still finding time to enjoy yourself. Don’t fret, here are a few tips to help make your first dinner party a success.


Your friends can go to any local restaurant or lounge and get an experience. However, the purpose of your dinner party is to share your experience. This is when you create the ambiance, starting with the playlist. You want to make sure your playlist matches the mood you want to set. The legendary Miles Davis would play background music in the entrance hall, on the second-floor balcony. His music was the very first thing party guests heard as they entered the building. Sounds like Miles knew how to throw a soiree.


It’s your home, which should be already decorated. The easy part is just accessorizing the table with a few unscented candles (scented candles ruin the smell of your food and belong in the restroom) and one to three floral arrangements (depending on table size). Always use an odd number because it’s easier on the eyes.


Remember this is your home, which is very sacred and personal. Invite only friends who consider you a superstar. Make sure they’re from different professional backgrounds because it makes things interesting. After Lloyd Morrisett attended television producer Joan Cooney’s dinner party at her home in 1966, shortly afterwards Sesame Street was developed. Who knows, maybe your dinner will connect witty people who will build authentic relationships and create magic.

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