Sushi by Chef Nobi: Sasabune

by Monday, August 18, 2014

The sushi scene in Los Angeles can sometimes be compared to a peacock strutting its stuff and believe it or not Chef Nobi Kusuhara of Sasabune may have the brightest feathers of the bunch.  His restaurants may not get the publicity of Sugarfish, or the celebrity clientele of Katsuya, or dent your pocket book the same way as Urasawa does.  But do yourself a favor and trust this guy and his 35-year pedigree and the passion he brings to the table every night — in fact, that’s Nobi’s website,

The ambience isn’t going to knock your socks off by any means, and in some ways the décor seems as though it jumped from the pages of Ikea.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but what matters is if Chef Nobi can find razor clams that day instead of recessed lighting, the quality of the scallops and not the sconces, and the freshness of the tuna and not the freshness of the window treatments.

Sasabune isn’t the type of place to get spicy tuna, California, or shrimp tempura rolls.  Not because Kusuhara couldn’t whip those up, but because he doesn’t offer those rolls or spicy tuna at all, and a sign at the front of the West LA location says as much.  Just get the ‘omakase,’ aka Chef’s Choice, and enjoy yourself.

Location: 11917 Wilshire Blvd
, West Los Angeles, CA 90049

Contact: (310) 478-3596

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